This is one of the my favourite pony. She likes to made strange hairstyles using burdocks and mud 🙂

my model

Just walking through the woods, do not forget to look around and grab a saw!

ok! looks good

Work with your hands, sawing off the necessary piece…

it is good exercise 🙂

Bring home and leave to dry for a couple of weeks.

wet… drying.

If you are a true horse lover, you will always find a pair of old horseshoes.

screwed horseshoes

A little work and that’s what happens.

engraving my model’s portrait

A tree from the forest has a soft structure and I took a piece of a normal board and engraved a horse.

filling with paint

Filled with black paint…


And screwed to a prepared place

oh yes…

The hardest part: the hole for the tealight candle holder.

a bit of this…

Some more cosmetic work…


And here you are! 🙂