Everyone for sure has been in a situation like this: driving along the road past some farm, when one of your companions inevitably exclaims: ‘Look, horses!’. 

So, my whole project is dedicated to the excitement of
‘Look, horses!’ 

I’ve admired horses since childhood: their form, their grace, their strength. This amazing animal is closely woven into the many cultures inhabiting the earth. Horsehair is still used to make bows for musical instruments, the power of cars is measured by horses’ power, and many measures of distance that are still used in some countries were once tied to how much a horse could gallop. 

These magnificent animals have certainly left a powerful mark of their hooves in history, life and culture of man. And an indelible mark on my heart. Horseshoe-shaped mark, if you will. 

Many horse lovers will however notice, that in many shops the shelves will be overflowing with products with very cute cats, dogs, foxes and owls. And even unicorns! Yet very few non-magical horses.

I am attempting to correct this great injustice! And if you have the same hoof print on your heart as me, then go to my online store, maybe you will find something you like.

Be horsie!